My Letter to the Pope


Dear Pope,

I’m not gonna take up too much of your time, since I know that you’re busy, but I really need to ask a favor of you.  Could you please please please withdraw your ban on birth control?  Please?

I know what you’re thinking, “What, is this guy outta his mind?”  And you’re right to question my thought process, so let me explain.  You don’t have to buy the notions of Freud, nor must you carry Darwin’s book in your back pocket to be able to acknowledge the fact that sex is … it’s just the best.  You don’t have kids, but I do, and I love ’em more than butterflies, but if having sex wasn’t so great than why would we bother having kids.  In fact, a roll in the hay is SO great that a whole lotta people keep having kids when they’re not even ready.  Now, I know that is primarily the fault of the parents and the fault of society and the fault of television and the fault of the media and the fault of the the kids themselves, but at some point we gotta stop pointing the finger of blame and start solving some real world problems.

Life is sacred, and no one is arguing that.  But for whatever reason, humans like to do the monkey shuffle (I’m taking these innuendos too far, Pope, and I am sorry) at almost every and any opportunity.  This need is God’s way of making sure we ALWAYS want to propagate the species.  As a race of intelligent beings, we must learn to accept this fundamental fact of human nature.  Like communism, abstinence only works on paper.  Also like communism, the negative attitude that man’s most trusted institution has against birth control is having adverse effects on the people it is trying to protect.

Teenage pregnancy is on the rise.  And then there’s abortion.  Don’t get me started on abortion.  To destroy a life before giving it as chance is mostly deplorable.  Guess what, though?  Most people get abortions because someone in the twosome forgot to get the birth control.  This may not be right, but it is very very human.  Don’t forget about education, Pope.  How is a high school dropout supposed to teach her kids about the need for a good education?  No matter how smart the kid, if the kid don’t wanna go to school, the kid will not go to school.  Mind you, the kid might be there in the classroom, but if he don’t wanna learn then he won’t.  The kid will rather learn the skills that the kid thinks he needs to learn to survive.  Even if that means learning how to hurt other kids.

OK, OK that was a worst case scenario and I obviously used it for shock value.  But consider the fate of the children of parents who just do not have the facilities to make sure the whole family gets a descent education.  Here in America, our cities, while being beautiful, are responsible for the education of our children.  Have you seen DISD (Dallas Independent School District) on the news lately?  A pretty sorry lot, indeed, eh?  How does an entire district go $84 million over budget?  I’ll tell you how: They just NEEDED the MONEY to TEACH THE KIDS, so they spent it.  Can any parent blame them?  Can you blame them … Pope?

Anyways, I promised that I’d make this short and I will.  Withdrawing the ban on birth control could free our kids from some of their most pressing problems.  I’m not trying to go the route of Bob Barker here, because 1) birth control is NOT sterilization, it is only exercising choice and caution before embarking upon life’s single most important journey, and 2) humans are not pets to be spayed or nurtured.  We are humans.  All animals desire to propagate their species, yet humans are different in that we NEED to propagate our species.   So whatever we’ve gotta do to keep that van a’ rockin’ (don’t come a’ knockin’) we’re just gonna keep on doin’ it.

All I’m asking is for you to use a little common sense here, Pope.

Every childhood lesson is precious … for the child.

We were all children at one time.

Did we learn anything?



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