That Unspoken of Elephant in the Voting Booth


It’s been an exciting road being a political junkie in this 2008 Presidential Election, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Later today, as the world watches, my fellow Americans and I will be getting into the voting booths to make our decision for the future of our beloved nation. No one can doubt that this election has already become a pivotal moment in American history. The 24-hour news channels may well release a best of collection in order to highlight the various shenanigans that have gone on in this contest.

Both men promise that change is their overall message, and rightfully so. Everyone agrees that some of the American policies in the last decade have considerably injured the world. Either way the vote goes, the world as we know it will be changed in a very fundamental and positive way. The issues have been debated, the ideologies have been categorized, and now the time has come to correct the errors of the recent past. Of course, things could easily get quite worse, but hopefully whichever of these fellas gets elected will do the right thing for the people he represents.

Still, I have noticed that there is something a little different going on this election year. The culture of the world is rapidly changing, and we all see it. From the ubiquitous news coverage to the youtube videos made instantly available from anywhere on the globe: this is NOT your father’s election. Modern technologies have taken stump speeches from the neighborhoods in the battleground states to our living rooms, offices, and kitchen tables. “Joe Six-pack” has become potentially more accurately informed than ever before.

Our multimedia world will continue to make us more connected to opposite cultures, and our energy needs will continue to grow exponentially. Our world is at a crossroads where the tools we create are becoming integrated with the very way we live our lives. At the same time, people are altering their viewpoints on racial inequality. Most of us are too busy just living our lives. We get up in the morning; we go to work; we get through the day; we go home; we make dinner; then we have some family time or watch some TV or read or shop online or break dance or whatever. We eventually go to bed and dream of a better, more fulfilling life. It doesn’t matter in what country you live, the color of your skin, or what you believe, the truth is that we are all in this thing together. It’s not about taking from the rich and giving to the poor, it’s about enlightening the life of our government, which will, in turn, enlighten the lives of us … “We the people” … the true owners of our government.

This world has gotten too big and too connected for us to continue to harbor our old prejudices. No longer will information control and propaganda sway the people.  Nowadays, we can instantly be connected to differing viewpoints, and, in turn, to those with whom we choose to share those viewpoints. Heck, this very editorial is being read by thousands of people all over the globe. The future history of the new world will be based on ideas like global economy, global communications, global cooperation, and an eventual global culture. We are the world, and the world is a-changing.

People will be aware of this tonight whether they are conscious of it or not. It will be that unspoken of elephant in the voting booth that is peering over their shoulders, and nudging them toward a world that is representative of its people. America is poised to lead the world in its journey toward a universal culture. Perhaps it is fitting that one of the candidates in this election is half black and half white. Back in middle school, he was probably made fun of a lot. American middle school kids can be cruel. Coming from both sides of the American spectrum, though, a candidate like that, regardless if he is successful, can be a symbol of solidarity. The kind of solidarity that our developing technology, along with the intellect of the people, is evolving toward.



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