Too many humans spend a lot of time broken.  Like all machines, the human needs to run at a certain level of efficiency in order to be capable of working. Many things are said about the physical health of the body, for this is the system of machines that makes the human go.  Nowadays, the fast food jungle that the masses are used to, especially in this country, are being condemned for their heretofore silent attack on the waistlines of the people. Everyone on the planet with access to media, now knows that it is important to have a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise to keep the machine that is the body in good condition.

Plenty of resources are spent for this aim, and much thought goes into it.  Modern science is even beginning to understand the most amazing machine in the human body.  The Brain.  The human brain is the most advanced organ to have ever been built or evolved on this planet.  It requires only a small amount of energy to make it run, yet it exudes an enormous amount of output.  As a computer, the brain is the ultimate central processing unit and the envy of scientists around the world.  Humans can make machines that do faster and more complex computations, yet no one can – as of yet – duplicate the awesome paralleled connectivity of neurons and synapses in our brains.

When any part of the system of machines that maintains the body breaks down, much worry is created.  Emotional bonds are questioned and reaffirmed when a love one takes ill, and many other causes of anxiety are set aside while the love one’s needs are met.  Humans spend a large fraction of their incomes on the maintenance and prolonging of the functions of the body, and with further research, the brain.  However, the other part of the human, the mind, has been largely forgotten.  The mind is that ‘organ’ that does not exist.  It is the ‘place’ where consciousness lies.  The mind can be thought of as a collection of the cellular memory of the body – an extension of our DNA.  It is influenced most by the chemical and electrical functions of the brain and the chemical and electrical functions of the body.  It is also influenced by environmental changes and the minds of other humans.  The mind is the closest thing that scientist can dare themselves to call the soul.  It is also the part of the human that is the easiest to break.

Consider a scenario: a child is told an untruth by an adult, say a parent, and remembers that untruth throughout its life.  The child grows to believe the untruth as if it is true until much later in life it finds the truth revealed, yet chooses to continue to believe the untruth out of either habit or loyalty to the one who originally spoke the untruth.  Sound familiar?  Most of the beliefs that the mind hold are engraved at a very young age.    Whether good or ill, beliefs can permeate throughout a human’s life.

Everything changes; and everyone knows this.  The human body changes.  Science shows that the brain and body go through fundamental changes as the human progresses from childhood to adolescence and ultimately to adulthood and old-age.  To the mind, however, many of these changes can be a concept unknown, or even feared.  Sometimes the very chemical and electrical functions that make up the brain have never been as efficient as they could have been, either because of childhood trauma, or even something as simple as a flawed belief system.  In order for the human mind to deal with any kind of change, the human must learn to accept the fundamental nature of change.  Many times, a large amount of resource and thought needs to be spent for this to happen.  However, those who choose to spend any amount of time or effort (or, god forbid, money) on any sort of maintenance of the mind are oftentimes ashamed to do so.

The idea of mental health has been theorized countless times in the history of humans.  From the narcotic induced trances of shamans and spiritual healers, to the psychiatric studies and medicines of today, people have been constantly chasing answers to unknown questions.  At the same time, too many humans spend a lot of the time broken. These people – and we are many – spend most of their time being shamed and ostracized.  These poor souls are usually written of as ‘crazy people’ and oftentimes made fun of for their failure to be able to cope with the world around them.  Sometimes, these humans are even feared, because you never know what a crazy person might do.

When machinery breaks down, chaos ensues.  No system made up of non redundant machinery can survive without every part of the system working.  Every cog must turn and every bearing must be oiled for the machine to work properly.  If this is not happening then the machine is broken.  If the brain is broken than the body is broken.  If the body is broken then the mind can be broken.  The mind is made up of more than just the brain and the body.  Sometimes the mind can be broken when the brain and the body are working just right.  This is the underlying problem with matters of the mind.

Another scenario: a human body can suffer from extensive hypertension and have a blood pressure monitor to prove it.  The brain can interpret the numbers on the monitor to cause the mind to decide to make lifestyle, diet, and medicinal changes to thwart the disease.  This is how humans deal with being broken in the physical sense.  The mind, however, does not have this measurable function of understanding.  The mind is the part of the human that makes understanding possible.  How can a human decide what actions are necessary without the mind to make the right decisions?

Humans are the only creatures on our planet who make a full and conscious impact on our world.  We are almost viral in our way of taking any environment and changing it for our own needs.  In our minds exist a constant struggle with our own selves.  Our bodies exist to feed us the instincts that are buried within our DNA while our brains exist to feed us the impulses that make us what we are.  Our minds exist to make sense of it all.  If a human cannot makes sense of it all…(can you?)…then the human is broken.

Most humans don’t realize just how broken they really are.



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