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The great thing about knowledge is that it is possible at all. For example, my cat, Jimmy, knows only a few things – he doesn’t even know any tricks.  Since he’s just a cat, he lacks the capacity to learn much more. It’s easy to see the comfortable joy there must be in being a […]

It’s been an exciting road being a political junkie in this 2008 Presidential Election, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Later today, as the world watches, my fellow Americans and I will be getting into the voting booths to make our decision for the future of our beloved nation. No one can doubt […]



The Great Depression has suddenly become more than a distant memory. The contestants in the world’s ultimate game show – the upcoming US presidential election – and the ever-present media have been talking about the Great Depression with renewed vigor. They talk about the fear of the current crippling economic crisis and the possibility that […]



Too many humans spend a lot of time broken.  Like all machines, the human needs to run at a certain level of efficiency in order to be capable of working. Many things are said about the physical health of the body, for this is the system of machines that makes the human go.  Nowadays, the […]